A/R Financing – Oil & Gas Industry

Deal Summary

Product: Factoring Line
Funding Line Amount: $2 million – $3 million
Company Type: Specialized Supply
Industry Type: Oil & Gas Industry
Location: Mexico

A Mexican company incorporated in 1998 dedicated to the development of infrastructure projects, services, engineering and procurement in the Oil and Gas industry. The company specializes in the supply of specialized chemical products for drilling, completion, and repair of oil wells.


The energy reform that was introduced to the Mexican economy as a solution to maintain and increase the oil production requires large quantities of capital investments and technology so that the private companies can participate in the oil production chain. This reform has brought to Mexico contract models that are being used all over the world for oil extraction and operation, where the private sector has a more prominent role. The correct implementation of this reform is expected to elevate oil and gas production, increase sector employment, and improve the technological advances of the industry.


This company is a subsidiary of one of the biggest oil companies in the world. They have positive financial statements reflecting the current recovery of the oil and gas sector. ExpoCredit took into consideration that the company’s Ebitda is broad enough to cover the expenses generated for our factoring facility and approved the funding line. 

Case Studies

A/R Financing – Oil & Gas

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