A/R Financing – Cargo Transport

Product Line: Factoring Line
Funding Line Amount: $500,000
Company Type: Web Platform 
Industry Type:  Cargo Transport
Revenue: $1.6MM
Location: Mexico

Our client is a Mexican company that has developed a web platform which connects cargo owners with available carriers to transport the cargo. The owners and carriers can communicate their needs and availability through an app which our client created.  Its customers are comprised of many large, well-known companies, which represent 90% of its operations.  There is huge demand for transport and export manufacturing in Mexico.


The company is young, having been in operation less than 3 years, but is growing rapidly.  It has recently received increased business from one of its top clients and is in need of working capital to deal with long payment terms (120 days).  The industry is extremely competitive, with companies offering similar services, but our client has a unique position through its web and app services.


Our client has a highly skilled and experienced team in place, providing high-quality service to its customers.  It has ongoing projects that have increased in number. Revenue grew by 127% in 2018, just one year after operations began and the company turned a profit within a year, as well.  Despite being relatively new, the company has been able to win contracts with big, successful Mexican companies. There is no negative media exposure and the risk rating is low. Our client had previous relationships with three other factoring companies, but would prefer to work with ExpoCredit because our rates are much lower.


Based on the strength and leadership position of the company, ExpoCredit was able to get its request for a factoring line approved quickly.  This will enable the business to continue to grow without slow moving invoices negatively affecting its cash flow.

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