A/R Financing – Oil & Gas

Equipment Rental and Servicing

Deal Summary

Product: Factoring Line
Funding Line Amount: $ 350,000
Company Type: Equipment Rental and Servicing
Industry: Oil & Gas
Location: Mexico

This company has been in business for 10 years and provides a variety of services to the Oil & Gas industry. They rent equipment such as campers, mobile education facilities and generators to house personnel that work with multinational Oil & Gas companies based in Mexico.


The company is facing cash flow challenges due to high demand and extended payment terms from its primary customer, which is increasing payment terms to its suppliers.


Based on the company’s long-standing history with its principal client, which has also been a trusted debtor of ExpoCredit for several years with other companies, ExpoCredit was able to approve a Factoring line of credit for the company that will help it continue to grow in spite of the cash cycle challenges it is facing.


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