Alternative Business Funding vs. Traditional Bank Loan

Even the most successful small business may need to look to outside resources for funding. Whether you need to address a cash flow problem, expand your business, or survive an economic downturn, additional funding can provide your business with a cash infusion it desperately needs.

Traditionally, small businesses turn to banks and credit unions to secure a loan. However, traditional banks have rigid requirements and tend to take too long to approve a loan. Companies that don’t meet a bank’s strict requirements for a loan, or need a quick approval for funding must look to other sources. Alternative business funding companies have become increasingly popular by making the process much easier for small businesses and customizing funding opportunities to clients’ specific needs. Here are three advantages to getting alternative business funding:

Easy Application Process

Alternative business funding companies like ExpoCredit ( have a streamlined, quick application process. Typically, after a consultation with a financial specialist, customers can download a short and straightforward application that can be completed quickly, with a specialist keeping you updated every step of the way. Finally, applicants can receive their funding directly in their accounts or have it sent to their supplier.

More Flexible Financing Requirements

Most traditional banks require companies to fulfill a multitude of requirements for a loan. Getting alternative business financing with a strategic partner offers companies a more flexible opportunity, one that may better fit their needs and requires fewer stringent conditions. Accounts receivable financing and supply chain financing solutions allow small businesses to avoid a complicated and challenging bank loan process.

Faster Process

When a small business is in a financial crunch, getting a loan from a traditional bank or credit union can just take too long. Alternative funding partners like ExpoCredit ( work quickly to help small businesses get the cash they need. In fact, funds can be secured immediately through a variety of financial products and services.

ExpoCredit is ready to meet your funding needs. Get started now (


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