Supporting Services


Credit Analysis, Underwriting and Risk Management

ExpoCredit’s credit department is staffed with highly qualified professionals who have access to the financial tools and information necessary to assess the creditworthiness of the clients’ current and potential customers. Specific credit limits are set for each customer or debtor.
The credit team evaluates the need for credit insurance, perfects ExpoCredit’s security interest in the collateral being purchased, and monitors the risk of the portfolio on an ongoing basis.


Customer Service and Collections

Our Customer Service and Collections team consists of highly qualified and multilingual professionals who have real-time access to software that enables them to provide clients with real-time reporting on the funding and collection of their invoices. Collections is highly effective in increasing our clients’ A/R turnover.


We discuss with our clients alternative collection methods and jointly select those that best suit their selling strategies. Our Collections department at ExpoCredit is unique in that it is relationship-oriented and as a result, our collection turns rank amongst the industry’s lowest.


Credit Insurance

ExpoCredit can provide commercial credit insurance to our clients thus allowing them to extend credit to their customers thus addressing the risk of default. If a given customer does not pay its invoices due to financial insolvency, the payments can be met by a credit insurance policy (CIP).
The majority of the A/R portfolio is insured through its own CIP policy with Euler Hermes or through customers’ credit insurance policies endorsed to ExpoCredit (i.e. Coface, Atradeus, Zurich, Ex-Im Bank). Paris-based Euler Hermes is North America’s oldest and largest credit insurer, insuring $150 billion annually in the US alone. It insures domestic and foreign A/R, is rated AA-/ by Standard & Poor’s, has a presence in over 50 countries, and provides coverage in over 200 foreign markets.

Accounting Reports

ExpoCredit’s accounting professionals work to serve customers in their transactions, providing support in the completion of their accounting records and compiling comprehensive reports that detail the transactions associated with accounts receivables. Deliverables include aging reports, debtor reports, collections reports, and reserve reports, among others.


24/7 Online Customer Access & Account Monitoring

The company uses secure platforms to ensure multi-user and multi-site access to its files servers, books and records, and portfolio software.
CADENCE (formerly FactorSoft) - the industry standard in portfolio and collections management.
Eolis – Euler Hermes’ system for CIP policy administration and claims management.
We provide clients with web-based access to monitor their account balances and aging.