Full A/R Servicing

ExpoCredit also has the capability of providing factoring services to other financial institutions that wish to discount invoices or provide factoring services. We work closely with major domestic and international banks to provide the back office operations for their factoring departments.


ExpoCredit also has the capability to work with other Factoring Companies by providing capital to fund A/R Financing transactions that may be too large or result in excessive concentration risk for our partner. ExpoCredit will purchase a portion of the outstanding invoices while allowing the lead factor to continue managing the transactions and relationships with the client and its debtors.  

P.O. Financing

Purchase Order (P.O.) Financing ensures that customer orders are fulfilled on time and is available to select ExpoCredit clients by advancing working capital against a purchase order for finished goods. The transaction is later converted to an A/R Financing agreement.
P.O. Financing takes the concept of factoring a step further.  For example, ExpoCredit as the finance firm will pay vendors directly based on the value of the P.O. generated. The product can then be manufactured, and delivered directly to the end customer. With the goods delivered and “sold,” the P.O. is converted into an Accounts Receivable invoice.   ExpoCredit’s P.O. Financing ensures businesses have the cash necessary to pay their vendors on time and even qualify for supplier discounts for prompt payment.   ExpoCredit is one of the few companies capable of providing alternative funding options such as P.O. Financing wherever the customers are—whether in the U.S. or abroad.

Reverse Factoring with STRADE

ExpoCredit provides Reverse Factoring (confirming), or Supply Chain Financing, through STRADE.  Focused on enabling firms to move forward, sustain growth, and achieve their strategic objectives, STRADE provides the client with funding by purchasing the materials directly from the supplier. This product allows the client to extend credit to their customers and take advantage of prompt payment discounts from their suppliers.  The client then pays ExpoCredit back after a pre-determined number of days (usually 30, 60 or 90 days).